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This is an overview of the services and solutions New Directions International Business Services Pty Limited provides.

Through our FIRE ASSESS® / CFSP® brand we provide accredited assessment of the fire safety measures in your building and endorsement of performing measures for submission of your annual fire safety statement. At the same time we shall provide feedback pertaining to the incumbent service provider and how they are fulfilling your needs and WHS observations regarding building operations.

The NEW DIRECTIONS IN BUILDING SERVICES® / NDIBS brand provides Risk Management Plans associated with Cooling Water Systems (Legionella Management) Ian was the drafter for the  Australian Standard AS/NZS3666 suite of Australian Standards, Thermographic Assessments of the condition of your plant and equipment and we not only have hand-held but a drone equipped thermographic camera. - Our understanding of the operational properties of plant and equipment, means that we are able to discern possible malfunctions for example critical refrigerant temperature on a refrigerant compressor indicates issues and these would be unlikely to be picked up by many thermographers.
Provision of for tender documents for services such as: fire protection, mechanical services, lifts / elevators / escalators / travellators, standby power plant, building cleaning, electrical services, hydraulic services, etc.
NDIBS has developed and reviewed as well as presented and examined for the AMCA Fire & Smoke Damper Certifier Skills Course between 2013 & 2022 based upon NCC/BCA C3.15,
 AS1682.1&2 + parts of AS/NZS1668.1 AS1530.4, AS1530.7, AS4072.1,+ AS4254.1 and retains IP ownership of the course material.

The NEW DIRECTIONS IN BUSINESS SAFETY® brand provides accessibility advice, can look at assisting with risk assessment: machine guarding, traffic management, etc.

If after browsing through our services section, you have a question related to any of our services, or you wish to know more don't hesitate to call us at 612-9594-4477 1300 AS4655/ 1300-274655 or send us an 
e-mail at .

We have found that one of the most appealing aspects of using our assessors, is that they possess multi-discipline skills across all building engineering services and this allows holistic assessments and reports by qualified individuals thus saving the costs of having to transport and accommodate individual specialists.

When there is something outside of our skillset, rest assured that we shall be able to recommend someone with the expertise required.

NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015

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