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The NSW Fire Brigades logo designed by Ian’s Dad / Alex’s Grandad and used from 1948 till 1978.
He was workshops officer and his artwork is now on display in the NSW Fire Museum.

FFCP 1990 vintage - No Vent Schematic

Failed shutter 2017 - not endorsable

Door fractured & bolts provide thermal bridge

Unrated conduits in firestair

Alarms make too much noise

Missing rated access panel

Carpark stair pressurising fan

KEF need cleansing

Door release failed

Fire Damper in Fire Stair - Non Complying

Proper operation of motorised dampers

Missing Vent Schematic - non-conformance

FFCP control & status

Fire Damper serving Combustion Engine Pumproom

Combustion Engined Fire Pump

Uninsulated exhaust through Control Room

Uninsulated required to be rated exhaust

Hangers not rated

Gap on stair sides non-conforming

Non-conforming cooling towers

VSD Pressure Transducer

Unsealed penetration

Unsealed penetrations

Foam inappropriate

Foam very badly used

Foam badly used

FFCP has issues

Path of emergency exit - Div.7 fail

Poor pressurisation design

Obsolete offence sign disadvantages owner

Way too loud

Foam again

Newspaper must be fire rated

Duct compromises sprinkler coverage

Duct fails to conform

No Lintel - Fail

Failed smoke fire curtain

No Sprinkler spanner

Hose reel cupboard compromised

Cable Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

PRV's found bypassed

Foam again