Annual Fire Safety Assessment Inquiry (FORM) - use this form to provide the information about the site to be assessed. Fill it out, then email to
If you have a copy of the council reminder letter, detailing the fire safety schedule, please include this as the Fire Safety Schedule is required to accompany any submitted AFSS and this shall have the performance requirements to assess against.

Note that we are independent assessors and to be so are not service provider’s. For this you need a company who services (maintains) your equipment. We assess the performance of these these maintained systems and audit that you are receiving the required servicing by your specialist service provider.

We suggest that you qualify these service providers skillset against best industry practice.
Please contact us about what this means.


to contact us, phone 1300-AS4655 (AS4655 is the Australian Standard for Auditing Fire Safety Systems in Buildings)
                     that’s  1300-274655 (if you prefer just the number)
our phone line number is +61-2-9594-4477 and mobiles  Ian Childs 0414-472-042 or  Alex Childs 0413-416-811
emails are  or or the office

Our Mailing Address is PO Box 115 Boolaroo NSW 2284 Australia

Should the services required be other than Audit or Assessment of Fire Safety Systems - contact Ian Childs as above.


RVCP morped with VCG to become
Marine Rescue
Ian was a skipper with
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Ian Childs SES Designation

Ian’s prior service as a volunteer withNSW SES 1966~2005
co-autoring the NSW flood rescue handbook in 1972


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