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FIRE ASSESS is committed to excellence not only in the workplace but also in the community. It is our responsibility to provide leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can. In recent years, FIRE ASSESS has led or participated in many successful events from trade shows, seminars, and educational activities.  We are excited to list the following events FIRE ASSESS will be participating in over the upcoming [DAYS / MONTHS / 2021].
For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please visit our calendar page. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Contact Us section to speak with a  representative.

Ian Childs the provision through AMCA of  the Fire & Smoke Damper Workshops and Certifier Skills Courses throughout Australiahas been terminated by AMCA resulting in AMCA being placed on notice to prevent their future use of any and all course material developed by ourselves from 2015 onward..
To offset this, we are making our current NSW Presentation available for viewing in 5 parts (see the Presentations Tab)
We shall also continue assisting the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA), Engineers Australia (EA)
Sydney Engineering Practices Forum, Society of Building Services Engineers (SBSE), Society of Fire Safety (SFS) Standards Australia, Smart Cities Smart Building Forum - with technical support and training development.
Should your organisation consider that one of our presentations would be worthwhile (hosted at your premises), please contact us and we shall endeavor to fit something in.

Who has attended the AMCA Fire & Smoke Damper Certifier Courses:
We had previously been approached by course attendees, installers with employees who were successful, as well as building project managers, building certifiers and accredited assessors to provide a register of successful attendees of the Fire & Smoke Damper Certifier Course as AMCA did not provide this.
After repeatedly raising this, we made the call to provide this register, however, as AMCA were the course arranger and host, this shoiuld have been under their remit.
The courses was designed to provide a level of confidence to those using these technicians that they can install, commission, attest to performance & operation, as well as conduct servicing and assessment for fire & smoke dampers, which we feel justifies those successful being designated as Competent Practitioners Fire Safety / Fire Dampers & Smoke Dampers. To meet that criteria, candidates had to achieve a mark of minimum 70% aggregate mark for the assignment and a score of minimum 70% in each of the technical and legislative parts of the examination.
We were forced to terminate our relationship with AMCA after their insistence that they be gifted the ownership and IP rights to our course material and we apologise to rest of the industry for the forced removal of such a valued resource.. We were also forced to remove at AMCA’s insistence the register of successful candidates from this website.

We shall be offering a refreshed fire & smoke damper course through alternate RTO’s to fill this skills gap in the industry.


If you are interested in Building Engineering Services, we have recently acquired the IP and publication rights for the Parlour Building Services Textbook.
This text has been used by many Universities throughout Australia within the disciplines associated with the built environment,
Andrew Parlour created the original text and this was migrated to Alan Obrart with the 2016 Edition 4 and now with us
The current version readily available is Edition 4 and we are currently working on Edition 5 which includes references to current and past codes as well as a comparative reference lookup between NCC2022 and earlier NCC/BCA referencing.

Sample Edition 5