FIRE ASSESS is located at the Northwest of Lake Macquarie. We are about 20-mins South of Newcastle NSW and 10-minutes North of Toronto so, about 2-hours drive from Sydney CBD
 If you have any questions related to our location, please call us at 612-9594-4477, and we will be glad to assist you.

We do cover ALL of NSW and provide our services throughout Regional NSW, however, to minimise our travel and accommodation costs to those customers for rural areas, we make every attempt to bundle geographically our assessment schedule i.e. Late February, early March is South East NSW coast and extending through the Murrimbidgee to the State borders

Sydney Metropolitan is visited regularly and as needed and Newcastle Hunter easily commuted.

We do prefer the more complex buildings where there are interfaced systems (smoke management systems, suppression systems, fire engineered solutions, etc) and the  average buildings (fire extinguishers, exit signs) such as small shops factories, walk-up apartments, etc. within rural areas are more likely to be able to be covered by a local provider (see  for this register of providers)
Our customers include University and School campus’, Public Hospitals, The Create NSW Property Portfolio, Port Botany Bulk Chemical Storage Facilities, Commercial & Industrial as well as Shopping Centres, Hospitality, Aged Care, etc.
We advise on a number of committees inclusive of NSW Health,  Local Government, Engineers Australia, Fire Protection Association of Australia & Airconditioning Manufactures & Contractors Association.

While the Map of our customers in NSW is impressive, we would see this as still expanding and yet to achieve capacity.

NSW CustomerMap2