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New Directions International Business Services Pty Limited ABN 49 083 183 751 is the legal entity for the business and has been providing Building Services Engineering Services & Compliance Advice to Building Owners and their Managing Agents since established in July 1998. Prior to that, Ian Childs (Director) was employed by Institutional Property Owners and Managing Agents and conducting and submitting Annual Fire Safety Statements since their introduction in 1988.

Through FIRE ASSESS® we are primarily focused upon providing endorsed Annual Fire Safety Statements for any performing services referenced in the building fire safety schedule as Referenced in the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, Regulations 2000, Amended Regulations 2014 and Amended Regulations 2017 as well as NSW Planning & Environment Directives. We are accredited assessors fire safety (previously referenced as Competent Fire Safety Practitioners [CFSP]) and we can cover all regions of NSW.

With our background in Building Services Engineering and compliance we can assist our customers by providing some additional services commensurate to customer requests

Why do you need an accredited assessor fire safety?
If you have a requirement to provide an Annual Fire Safety Statement, then only an accredited assessor fire safety is permitted to provide endorsement of performance for fire safety measures. Your current fire services service provider may be able to cover some measures if they have been so accredited for those particular measures and these would be individually listed under the technician’s individual name on the FPAA accredited assessor register: and you as building owner or managing agent shall need to check their accreditation status against their name using the drop down showing the measures that they hold the accreditation for (some are only accreditedted for but one of the 36 measure categories - yet they still have the accreditation number).

Why should your accredited assessor be independent of your fire protection, mechanical services, and electrical service provider?
In a word or two, it’s called Due-Diligence. We are there to ensure that the services that you are receiving are commensurate with legislative and contractual requirements. i.e. we’re there for the customer and what is in their interests

You can check our accreditations against our accreditation number there with Ian Childs being F043175A and Alex Childs being F050590A

It would greatly assist us in assisting you if you could provide details about the site or each site you wish assessed. Please use this AFSS Assessment EnquiryPDF Form to provide details and email it to

Browse our Web site for more information about all of our services currently provided as well as details of our insurance cover, Company Profile and CV’s plus useful guides and presentations. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative regarding these services, please e-mail us at,  or call us at 612 9594-4477  1300-AS4655/ 1300-274655 webex: ., We have a good reputation for always putting our customer’s needs as our priority to provide them with best value outcomes.